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Fairchild Music Group Launched

Ron Fairchild, Tommy Fairchild, and Dean Haskins have announced the formation of Fairchild Music Group more...

Crabb Family Revival

Ron Fairchild is currently engineering on the new Crabb Family Revival project. more...

Ron Fairchild

Ron Fairchild is the true heart and soul of Fairchild Music Group, as it was his vision that saw its inception.

After three decades as the pianist/arranger for the Oak Ridge Boys, a CMA Award for Instrumental Group of the Year, and musical contributions on numerous award-winning songs, Ron ventured into full time producing and engineering, establishing Ron Fairchild Music as a dominant force in the recording industry.

He has worked next to several musical "giants," and most notably, has spent many years engineering with legendary producer Michael Sykes.

Not only is Ron an accomplished pianist and guitarist, he is a highly talented arranger and composer. He rounds out his artistry with his love and mastery of photography.

For more on Ron, visit his website.